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How to Fund a Solo 401(k) Plan with IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or 457(b) Plan Funds

October 31st, 2013

An individual who adopts a Solo 401(k) Plan may generally fund the Solo 401(k) Plan using two methods – the rollover process or by direct contribution. Most Solo 401(k) Plan documents will allow for the rollover of IRA or other pre-tax employer retirement funds, such as a 401(k), 403(b), or 457(b). The IRA holder or […]

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Solo 401(k) Plan Surpassing SEP IRA As Retirement Plan of Choice for the Self-Employed

October 29th, 2013

Over 80% of CPAs and tax professionals surveyed choosing the Solo 401(k) Plan vs. the SEP IRA as the retirement plan of choice for the self-employed IRA Financial Group, the leading provider of self-directed solo 401(k) Plans announces the finding of its survey showing the over 80% of accountants and CPAs that were interviewed considered […]

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Solo 401(k) Vs. Self Directed IRA

October 25th, 2013

A Solo 401(k) plan is an IRS approved retirement plan, which is suited for business owners who do not have any employees, other than themselves and perhaps their spouse. The “one-participant 401(k) plan” or individual 401(k) Plan is not a new type of plan. It is a traditional 401k plan covering only one employee. Unlike […]

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IRA Financial Group Introduces New Business Financing Alternative to the Rollover Business Start-Up (ROBS) Solution for Entrepreneurs

October 23rd, 2013

401(k) Plan financing strategy to allow entrepreneurs to access retirement funds tax-free and use funds for business acquisition purposes IRA Financial Group, the leading provider of self-directed retirement solutions, including the Solo 401(k) plan, announces the introduction of a new business acquisition financing solution for retirement investors looking to use retirement funds in an active […]

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Does the IRA Financial Group’s Solo 401(k) Plan allow for Roth Contributions?

October 17th, 2013

Yes.  IRA Financial Group’s Solo 401(k) Plan allows participants to elect to treat contributions under the plan that would otherwise be elective deferrals as designated Roth contributions. For this purpose, an “elective deferral” is an employer contribution to a  401(k) plan that is excluded from the participant’s gross income only because the 401(k) plan is […]

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How is the Solo 401(k) Plan Loan done?

October 15th, 2013

As long as the plan documents allow for it & the proper loan documents are prepared and executed, a participant loan can be made for any reason. The solo 401k loan is received tax free and penalty free. There are no penalties or taxes due provided loan payments are paid on time. The IRA Financial […]

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IRA Financial Group Releases Investor Alert for Solo 401(k) Plan Retirement Investors Purchasing & Holding Foreign Gold

October 10th, 2013

Certain promoters marketing Solo 401(k) Plan to purchase and hold foreign gold is in violation of the IRS prohibited transaction rules IRA Financial Group, the leading provider of self-directed Solo 401(k) Plan announces the release of an Investor Alert aimed specifically at retirement investors being marketing qualified retirement plans, such as a Solo 401k Plan […]

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Be Your Own Custodian with a Solo 401k Plan With Checkbook Control

October 8th, 2013

With a Solo 401(k) Plan, as trustee of the Plan, you no longer have to get each 401(k) Plan investment approved by the custodian of your account. This means that all assets of the 401(k) trust are under the sole authority of the Solo 401k Plan participant (you).  A Solo 401(k) plan allows you to […]

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IRA Financial Group Clients Using Solo 401(k) Plans to Purchase Detroit and Puerto Rico Debt

October 3rd, 2013

Retirement investors looking to capitalize on distressed debt opportunities involving municipal debt IRA Financial Group, the leading provider of “checkbook control” self-directed IRA and Solo 401(k) Plans announces the finding of its monthly report which found that an increasing number of retirement investors were looking to purchase distressed municipal debt, such as Detroit and Puerto […]

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Solo 401(k) Plan In-House CPA Service

October 1st, 2013

IRA Financial Group is the only full service Solo 401(k) Plan facilitator that offers its clients the ability to consult with our in-house tax accountants and CPAs, in addition, to our tax professions. Our in-house CPAs are specially trained in the taxation of retirement accounts, which allows us to provide our clients with specialized tax […]

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