Why Choose an IRA Financial Group Solo 401k Over Fidelity

August 24th, 2017

The Solo 401K Plan, also known as the Individual 401K or Self Directed 401K Plan is an IRS approved plan that was designed specifically for the self-employed or small business owner with no employees other than the owners(s). Since the adoption of the 2002 Economic Growth and Tax Reconciliation Act, the Solo 401K Plan has […]

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Buying Real Estate with a Solo 401K with Checkbook Control

October 7th, 2011

It is not well known that a self-employed individual can purchase real estate tax-free with a Solo 401K Plan.  Many people believe that one can only purchase real estate though a self-directed IRA.  However, this is not the case. Like a Self Directed IRA with checkbook control, as the trustee of the Solo 401K Plan, […]

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